After the process in which we determined the identity of KT Waalre, and arrived at the new name WeConnect Waalre, we started working on the shape of the brand. With the aim of a clear positioning with which it can achieve its objectives for the coming years.

rebranding goes
beyond the logo

A rebranding starts with the development of the right building blocks for the brand. The logo is of course one of the first items that you think of, just like certain style elements such as use of color, typo, shape, etc. But the visual language, tone of voice, brand story and art direction of photography also play an important role in this. We then elaborated this new design, which originated from the real identity of the brand, in all communicative means that WeConnect uses.

Miscellaneous Resources

The (new) brand is reflected in everything. Don't just think about a logo or website. It starts with the development of the right building blocks of the brand, such as the tone of voice, the brand story, the visual language and style elements such as color, typography, shape, etc. Art direction of photography and film also play a role.

With all these elements we can create the necessary communication tools. From website to business card and from corporate brochure to the decoration of the building.
Brand  Identity
brand Identity
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Archetype session
Brand  Creation
brand Creation
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brand Management