Sustainable goals

What are
the SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) offer a shared agenda for the world to guarantee a sustainable future for everyone. They offer a shared ‘to-do’-list from seventeen interconnected goals, which need to be reached towards 2030.

The goals relate to issues that concern all of us and their realization requires action from people from all sectors at all levels. The SDGs offer great challenges, but also great opportunities.

Creating positive change

Therefore we strive to help these companies realize their ambitions. We primarily support SDG 4 and SDG 17. 
Our impact statement is therefore as follows: By 2030, we want to have helped 100 meaningful entrepreneurs around the world to achieve their sustainable growth objective.


Quality education - Youth is the future. That is why we want to invest in the next generation. By giving them the opportunity to learn all about meaningful brand development. Throughout the year, we work with students and educational institutions.

SDG 17

Partnership to achieve goals - We use the power of branding to build brands for meaningful organizations. Organizations that contribute to (at least) one of the SDGs. Through these partnerships, we can make a positive contribution to the 17 SDG goals. This is why we embrace 'SDG 17 - Partnership for the Goals'.