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KT Waalre is a unique company in the Netherlands. They are the only open and independent network managers in the country. A special phenomenon, since most networks are managed by larger corporates. KT Waalre wants to use this advantage and fully commit to the residents of Waalre by offering a high-quality independent fiber-optic network that is also suitable for new innovative services.


Over the past three years, KT Waalre has undergone an internal transformation; the organization has been slimmed down, new management has been appointed and the organization has set a new course. It is now time for KT Waalre to communicate this further to the outside world and to work on improving the organization's image, among other things.

KT Waalre engaged us to help them determine a long-term strategy on the one hand, whereby communication is based on the core (the identity) of the organization. On the other hand, they have a short-term need for support in project communication.


Our research has shown that the residents and organizations of Waalre do not know why KT Waalre exists and what the advantage is of an independent network manager. The image that has been built up does not always turn out to be positive. Time, therefore, to set a new course and work on improving the organization's image. This means that the organization must first be clear about who it is, what it values and why it exists. We have used our Business Identity Canvas (BIC), a structured and proven method that clearly reveals the identity of an organization.

identity track
The process always starts with the ID-Scan, a quantitative way of collecting data from a broad target group, supplemented with qualitative interviews with various stakeholders. The results provide a good picture of how KT Waalre is perceived, both internally and externally.

In three inspiring sessions, we involved the board, management and employees so that the identity is supported by the entire organization. All the elements were recorded in the ID-Book, a clear reference work that forms the basis for brand creation.

KT Waalre
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From identity to creation

From this identity, we started to determine the building blocks. It is important that we first start working on the appearance of the brand and define its position. After that, the organization can direct its communication strategy in a much more focused way.

After taking stock of the current brand, we recommended that we first do a name change and then focus on revitalizing the design language. To create immediate support within the community, we launched a competition to come up with a new name. For this purpose, we developed the campaign 'Verzin & Win' with a proprietary campaign style and put it out through various channels to reach the researched target group.

Verzin & Win

Looking for
a suitable name

Kabel Televisie Waalre (KT Waalre) is not a name that fits the current era. The cable is being replaced by fiber and the services go far beyond television alone. Think, for example, of new innovative care concepts, following local sporting events, or even applications that we are currently unaware of.


KT Waalre is there for the residents and organizations of Waalre, so we thought it logical to involve them in the choice of the name. This immediately creates more involvement and a first step towards strengthening the image. The competition, in which all the residents of Waalre were invited to take part, attracted more than 125 entries. A very successful campaign indeed.

Brand management

To support KT Waalre in its need regarding the implementation of a communication strategy, we seconded our staff to start the communication hands-on and advise in creating a strategy how to communicate in the future to load the brand and keep a connection with the community. In this way, we are creating positive change for all of the community.

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brand Identity
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brand Creation
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