Ipos Technology is a high-tech start-up with international ambitions. The developments within Ipos are ongoing and are responsible for a revolution in the equine sector with the core objective of improving the well-being of domestic horses. After Ipos first took steps on its own in the field of branding and marketing, it eventually asked DeltaZuid to professionalize this.

As always, we started with the brand identity of the organization. This allowed us to start at the core and subsequently turn Ipos into a strong and consistent brand that is seen and experienced.

From old to new

A brand lives, it grows, and at some point it may need to reposition itself to meet certain strategic goals. Similarly, Ipos required a rebranding, to clearly reflect its vision and strategy.

Using the outcomes of the Brand Identity trajectory, we set to work on the rebranding. This resulted in a new style that fits seamlessly and truly represents the brand. A powerful set of elements from which targeted communications can be made.


To strengthen the brand experience of the new Ipos, we developed a powerful payoff that brings technology and care together; Moving together.

The combination of words makes a promise to the future. Everything is about harmony and respect between rider and horse. Riders want to improve their performance and Ipos believes this can be achieved through a close collaboration between rider and horse where harmony and respect are at the core. Moving together fully embraces this idea.

Moving together.

"Good design does something to you!"
"...when I look at the designs that DeltaZuid made for us there is a feeling in them, our feeling."

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Packaging design

Good packaging makes the product stand out

Product packaging can be cleverly used to represent the brand. We hold it, share it and use it. It tells a story that the user should be able to relate to, which makes them proud to want to use the product.

The Ipos Rein Sensors and the Ipos Duo Charger sit side by side on the shelves. A recognizable look and feel, but distinctive so the user immediately sees what she is buying.


The Brandbook helps Ipos and external parties to apply the style correctly in all assets to be developed. It is also a dynamic document that can be updated as the style evolves.
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