Gonect is an all-in-one online marketing agency. They help organizations to set up and improve online marketing in the field of search engine optimization, online advertising, social media and email marketing. Gonect is continuing to grow and wants to sharpen its identity and positioning in order to be prepared for the future.

A clear identity and a sharp positioning help not only to attract more potential customers, but also to attract the right employees. DeltaZuid has been asked to help them with this.

From identity
to positioning

With a clear positioning you can achieve future goals. What does the target group need (pains and gains) and which market developments are of influence. With the input of a positioning session and scan, we collect essential input with which we can arrive at a concrete positioning in word and image, the starting point for the further roll-out of the house style tools and marketing/communication. We record the results in the ID-Book.

& pay-off

We formulate the brand promise based on the positioning and the identity. A brand promise is a short pitch and is the essence of the brand. What can you offer, promise and deliver. It is a promise that you as an organization fulfill in practice. Every day again. It is therefore important that everyone within the organization knows the brand promise. To simplify this, we translate the brand promise into a catchy pay-off on which everyone can hang the story and promise. For Gonect we made a distinction between corporate and employer branding:

Corporate pitch:
We don't give customers what they ask for, but what they need!
Écht Gonect.

Employer pitch:
Clogs or tie, we remain ourselves.
Da’s nou écht Gonect.

Pay off:
Eerlijk in online marketing.


Based on the positioning, the brand promise and pay-off, we have developed a suitable creative concept. Because we want to reach two target groups, we have developed the concept in such a way that we can make a subtle separation between corporate and employer. The style remains recognizable, the message is slightly different.

Style Advice

In contrast to a (re)branding, this time we made a start on style development and worked out a few guidelines. For example, we advised to implement a subtle simplification of the logo. In addition, the use of color and image (photography), typo and application of a new style were discussed. And we have given advice regarding the application of copy and tone of voice.

Gonect has indicated that it wants to get started with this itself. And when these elements are implemented consistently, it not only ensures a clear, unambiguous appearance, but also makes it tangible and visible that a qualitative innovation is underway. It is therefore advisable to carefully record the agreed style rules, so that every external party that will work with the brand visualizes the same identity.
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