Positioning a new brand

WVDB has developed a new service that brings together data science, financial accounting and consulting. They entered into a partnership with DeltaZuid to strongly market this service from the start with a clear distinction and a crystal clear message. The brand was built from the ground up: a distinctive positioning and corresponding proposition. To give the brand hands and feet, we developed a suitable brand name, logo, key visual and a basic style.

From the formed positioning, we went to work on the name creation, communication message and associated visual elements to load the brand optimally for maximum impact.

Name Creation: WVDB One

Coming up with a new name starts with the identity of the organization. What are the objectives, who and what do you want to achieve with it. This naming process had to complement the corporate 'WVDB' but still generate a certain individuality. We did this in style (visual) but also by supplementing the whole with part storytelling, translated into the three icons; One Focus, One Journey, One Team. A catchy slogan; Together as One. And a strong promise: Together we make entrepreneurship great.

Rationale: One stands for ambition. For working together with one goal in mind: the success of the entrepreneur. At WVDB the entrepreneur comes first. WVDB's approach is aimed at companies that want to go for it. If an entrepreneur trusts the working methods and advice of WVDB, he or she can achieve a top position in the market.

Together we make
entrepreneurship great.


An organization within an organization, that's how you could see WVDB One. A service that offers a broader perspective, without abandoning the DNA of WVDB. A strong proposition is essential to strike the right tone, both internally and externally.

A whole range of resources has now been developed, such as a brochure, flyer, quotation template, PowerPoint, website and script for a short film. Above all, the new style offers numerous elements that WVDB One can apply themselves to generate a recognizable consistent line.


The process
step by step

To make the process of WVDB One understandable, we created an infographic explaining the main steps, based on the second icon; One Journey.

In a light-hearted way, in line with the new style, it shows the routing from start to finish. The process never ends, hence the continuous line that suggests continuity.

"With WVDB One, I am improving my processes!"
"With WVDB One, I improve my processes and have real-time insight into relevant yield issues. In addition, thanks to my advisory team, I always know if I'm still on the right track."

Rob van der Heijden - mede-eigenaar Luxcom
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