Quantera Global is a dedicated and independent transfer pricing consulting firm that has been successfully operating worldwide for over 5 years. Because it wants to maintain its solid position in this changing market, the need arose for a more brand-driven approach. And of course this requires a clear identity and positioning!

We were asked to work on this and created a whole new experience around the brand. Not only did the logo get a redesign, but we also translated Quantera Global's vision into a distinctive promise, inspired by the power of nature.

The best solutions are found
in the right environment.

From identity
to creation

We find the source of inspiration for this branding project in nature. She shows a form of perfection that is priceless. Both in beauty and power. The pure geometric shapes that naturally emerged symbolize the excellence that Quantera Global offers its clients. Simplicity and clarity in communication resulting in priceless perfection.

Attention for change

on the process

Defining and implementing a new brand identity does not happen overnight. After all, it involves changes that affect both the internal and external organization. We have summarized the extensive routing of this branding process in a short movie.


To support the entire concept not only visually, but also with a strong message, we created a payoff: Nature shows us forms of perfection that are truly priceless. Both in beauty and strength. Pure geometric shapes that have emerged naturally symbolise the excellence that Quantera Global offers its clients. The result is 'priceless perfection'.

The process
from a to z

Based on our three pillars, we went through Quantera Global's branding process: Brand Identity, Brand Creation & Brand Management. An intensive and energetic branding project with a great result that is always in motion, because branding is an ongoing process.

The brand implemented

Creation in the broadest
sense of the word

The brand is reflected in everything. Don't just think about a logo or website. It starts with the development of the right building blocks of the brand, such as the tone of voice, the brand story, the visual language and style elements such as color, typo, shape, etc. Art direction of photography and film also play a role.

With all these elements we can create the necessary communication tools. From website to business card and from corporate brochure to the decoration of the building.