AJ. Loots

AJ. Loots is a renowned installation company from Eindhoven that has existed for more than 155 years and wants to be known as the sustainable installation company in the future. It is important to (continue to) occupy a distinctive position. It is important to bring out and record the brand identity. DeltaZuid helped her with this by deploying the ID-Scan and various sessions.

Subsequently, it was investigated how the visual and verbal communication of AJ. Loots can be brought more in line with its identity and the entire rebranding has been tackled.

Logo & style

The logo is one of the most important visual expressions of a brand and it is therefore important that it shows what your brand stands for. The old logo of AJ. Loots was made up of various elements that had little coherence and were also not applied consistently. Based on the real identity of the organisation, we have carried out a thorough rebranding in which the character and its objectives can be felt. With respect for the history of the brand. Color sense and design language are included in the new design. The logo, formed from the well-known diamond, is the crowning glory of AJ's work. Loots. A royal reference to the quality they have been delivering for so long.

Images from
the region

An image concept has been developed to support various expressions, in which the Eindhoven region is central. An x number of images have been specially photographed for this, in which the diagonal (reference to the diamond shape) and a natural aspect (durability) play an important role. Recognizable and personal, these images can now be processed in numerous means.

In addition to these images, we have also written a number of slogans. These can again be linked to the people of AJ. Loots. A personal message as a promise.


De wegwzijzer in duurzame installaties

AJ. Loots wants to be the best installation company in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. If they can also support this in their expressions by means of copy, they have a strong tool. The pay-off contributes enormously to this.

Based on the character and goals of AJ. Loots has developed the following pay-off: De wegwijzer in duurzame installaties.

Strategy & Support

AJ. Loots has made an important professionalization in the field of branding and positioning. The next step is to roll out the brand based on its objectives. DeltaZuid helps with strategic and operational support.
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