2-Rescue is a specialist in training (professional) rescuers. They do this in a safe realistic learning environment in which the practice goals of the care providers are always central. In the market, 2-Rescue was not always seen as the serious partner with plenty of knowledge, expertise and creativity.

DeltaZuid has helped her to sharpen identity and brand story and to raise the brand image to a higher level.

Who is 2-Rescue?

In several sessions, together with 2-Rescue, we went in search of the specific contribution she can make to the lives of others. This led to many great insights, which we then filtered into a number of themes. We've captured the Why, How, What. Revealed the archetypes (Everyman & Creator) and sharply formulated the values. We then set to work with all these elements to give the brand a significant creative boost.

& style

The logo is one of the most important visual expressions of a brand and it is therefore important that it shows what your brand stands for. The old logo looked a bit dated and provisional. It didn't sit well with who 2-Rescue actually was. We have been able to carry out a thorough rebranding from the ID sessions, whereby the identity is palpably and visibly back in balance with the entire organization. The new style shows much more knowledge, guts and individuality. A colorful organization!

Pay-off: Trust to act.

A strong pay-off supports the message. For this we started from the Why, the values and archetypes of 2-Rescue. Because if the actual identity of the organization can be felt in it, you're in the right place. Trust to act.

The rationale nicely shows that the most important parts are represented:
- Giving confidence (training) to act.
- To have confidence (assistance provider) to act.
- Effective promise based on trust.
- Targets / challenges; Strong and knowledgeable characters.
- Double layered; acting (trainers) vs acting (caregivers).


A surprising element in this concept is the combination slogan + logo = Slogo. This is how we create stories. We give the employees a face, identity. With this, promises are made and the logo (the name) will act as a verb.

For example, every employee has his/her own personal logo on the business card. And by also processing these expressions in presentations, etc., we deploy a unique marketing vehicle. Recognizable, targeted visual communication.

Miscellaneous resources

The brand is reflected in everything. Don't just think about a logo or website. It starts with the development of the right building blocks of the brand, such as the tone of voice, the brand story, the visual language and style elements such as color, typography, shape, etc. Art direction of photography and film also play a role.

With all these elements we can create the necessary communication tools. From website to business card and from corporate brochure to the decoration of the building.
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