The brand as a part of your business strategy 26 Januari 2021

Nowadays you see that more and more companies are aware of the value of a strong brand. That's a good thing! It's no longer a forced marketing trick, but an important part of a business strategy. A brand is more than just a logo. You can't get away with just doing a restyling without thinking about the foundation of your brand. If the brand becomes a fundamental part of your entrepreneurship, we call it brand-driven entrepreneurship.

Structure value
If you are able to implement the brand in your business strategy you make sure you build value in your company. Value that you experience immediately because your message resonates with your client. Or to your potential new employees. But also think of the idea that the company becomes less dependent on the owner. The process of change from entrepreneur to company. Very important when your company grows, you think about a sale or you want to leave the organization to the next generation. Let that just be a challenge for many SME entrepreneurs.

The brand as a compass
A sustainable brand can work as a compass. As your company grows and flourishes, more departments and branches are added, structure and processes become more complex. 1001 decisions have to be made. Your brand is a nice compass that can guide the choices you have to make. Do you want such a compass as well? Then make sure you map and record the foundation of your company. We do that using the elements in the Brand Identity Canvas. Download the canvas for free here.

Something that gets attention is growing
But just capturing the brand foundation is not enough. By establishing the foundation you have gained insight into your own organization. This at least helps you to make future choices. When the foundation is established we look at whether the current brand corresponds with this or whether adjustments are needed here. Keeping the brand continues on the (MT) agenda is a must in order to realize the business objectives. A brand needs constant attention. Compare it to a plant that you water regularly.

As DeltaZuid we believe that brand development plays an important role in the growth of companies. On a daily basis, we help meaningful SME entrepreneurs grow by starting to do business in a brand-driven way. Do you also have a question about how your brand can play a role in your business strategy? Feel free to call or mail me. I'm always open for an informal conversation.

Frank Cuijpers
Managing Director
040-266 15 25