Managing your brand
has never been easier

The (re) branding has been successfully completed and the brand is standing. It is conceivable that brand consistency is not a priority at this festive milestone. On the other hand, this is the perfect time to take up brand management and organize it tightly. Because you can see it happening a few weeks after the introduction of the new house style. The PDF with the brand guidelines is circulated and both internal and external parties are enthusiastic about working with the source files. And the overview is gone, the control is gone. Your precious brand shreds in front of you. That is why we offer the Brandcenter.

Management tool for your brand

Easily organize, use and share your brand

By creating a Brand Center for the brand, internal and external users can be informed, inspired and facilitated by a constant availability of all brand-related files.

Features: Save, download and share files Simple user interface Smart searching and intelligent tagging Create unlimited users Own admin account Online media bank

Consistency is a must for a strong brand

The added value of a brand portal is still often underestimated and a PDF seems to be sufficient as a corporate identity manual. And that while the portal is the means to improve the consistency, recognisability and visual appearance of your brand. A portal does require a higher investment than a corporate identity manual in PDF, but then you can easily share guidelines with different target groups, your employees can interact with the brand and you will no longer have to spend time distributing the corporate identity manuals when you return. developed a new version.

No more ambiguity and unnecessary searching through old mails for the right file. Your network, both internal and external, comes together in one place for your brand.

All advantages at a glance

Brandcenter, the home of your brand

- All guidelines always at hand, everywhere
- Available online and everywhere
- Increase burn consistency
- Increase brand awareness
- Overview and control over brand assets
- Easier up-to-date
- Time savings in searching for brand assets
- Make the brand visible as an intangible asset
- Smart DAM Cloud service with AI tag robot

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