Edufax was founded in 1992 to help students maintain their Dutch language skills abroad. Meanwhile, Edufax has become an expert in the field of international educational guidance. From language courses and tutoring to developing new teaching materials and providing professional educational advice.

Despite their growth, there was a lack of proper structure and footing around the brand. Naturally, Edufax wanted to remain a leader. Aware of the fact that a strong brand (brand structure) helps, they called in DeltaZuid.

From structure to creation

Before we could get started with the Brand Creation, we used the ID-Scan. It forms the ideal starting point (zero measurements) for the process, followed by a number of substantive sessions resulting in the ID-Book. Partly because of this we were able to redefine the brand architecture of the organization.

At the corporate level is Edufax - Global Educational Mobility. Below that are the three sub-brands, each with a descriptor; short and powerful. Global Advice: the starting point from which independent advice is given at a global level. Innovation Center: the central point of the organization where all knowledge is present and developments are conceived and created. And Educational Solutions where Edufax offers appropriate solutions in an online environment.

Form follows

The process we went through with Edufax clearly illustrates the value of a comprehensive ID process, and how the creation that follows can result in a recognizable routing for the client to its solution.

Overarching is the corporate logo, which represents the entire organization. Underneath this are the three sub-brands, each with its own color theme, visual concept and communication plan. This targeted approach makes it accessible and clear to the target group(s).

The new corporate identity is formed after the actual identity of Edufax. The name in undercast (small letters) combined with color looks accessible and friendly, but also decisive. We see in it both the Caregiver and the Creator. The brand personality we established in the Brand Identity.

A strong brand is the beating heart of the company


To strengthen the brand experience of the new Edufax, we also developed a powerful, almost prophetic pay-off; beyond boundaries.

With this, Edufax shows what they stand for and what distinguishes them from competitors. It directly addresses the target group and even makes a promise. This brand essence also serves as a basis for both the visual concept and the brand story.

The brand implemented

Creation in the broadest
sense of the word

The brand is reflected in everything. Don't just think about a logo or website. It starts with the development of the right building blocks of the brand, such as the tone of voice, the brand story, the visual language and style elements such as color, typography, shape, etc. Art direction of photography and film also play a role. Unlicensed copy of the Froala Editor. Use it legally by purchasing a license.

With all these elements we can create the necessary communication tools. From website to business card and from corporate brochure to the decoration of the building.

Innovative educational solutions that fit like a glove


Because it is so incredibly important that a brand is implemented consistently, we deliver the Brand Book and offer the opportunity to use the Brand Center. A central place where the brand is accessible to everyone. These resources contain all the guidelines for consistent application of the corporate identity.
Brand  Identity
brand Identity
Why How What
Brand Values
Brand Personality
Brand Promise
Brand Story
Brand  Creation
brand Creation
House style
Visual concept
Digital brochure
Desktop visuals
Microsoft documents
Brand  Management
brand Management
Social media