Personal connection,
fundament for success

Telephony and ICT are increasingly shiftingUnlicensed copy of the Froala Editor. Use it legally by purchasing a license. in each other. At the same time, margins are shrinking. This is a tough sell for resellers of solutions for the business market. Most distributors choose to cut costs. Televak Centers does it differently. They focus on the added value they offer: experienced people and a hands-off approach. With success. She also wants to radiate this focus. That is why she asked DeltaZuid to help her reposition.

The foundation of Televak Centers is the connection it makes with providers and its partners.

Starting point

The current logo has been retained in form but has been given a broader meaning which allows the style to be put away more broadly and sustainably.


By exploring what the values and intentions of the organization are, we were able to reshape the logo to reinforce the message.


In this new visual concept, the lines from the logo form the foundation of the organization. On the connecting points stands an employee, all closely connected. The specific connection for a partner is determined by which expertises are bundled. This guarantees customized service. The promise of Televak Centers.

A thorough rebranding

Televak Centers' need for a new corporate image concept, based on the current logo was an interesting challenge! By looking closely at the values and intentions of the organization we were able to create a powerful concept in which the current logo has been given a broader meaning.

The foundation of Televak Centers is formed by the connection it makes with providers and its partners. In this concept, the lines from the logo symbolize the connection. A powerful body that functions as a foundation within the organization. Determinative for success. By showing the logo in its entirety, we show the 'full service' character of the organization. Where the lines come together, an employee connects his expertise as part of the total solution.

Much more than repositioning

Throughout the process, Televak Centers employees are closely connected. This provides a positive impulse. For new energy. And - perhaps most importantly - for measurable results. Because in addition to the many positive reactions from the market, Televak Centers immediately managed to bind several new partners.

Concept & photography

Photography plays a very important role in the whole new image concept. Televak Centers offers a wide range of services and does so in a very personal way. These services deserve extra attention and we have visualized this by linking a personal portrait to them. Each service is linked to an employee who portrays his/her expertise.

An appropriate style was also developed for the image concepts. The colors from the logo were used as a basis. The image concepts and style were implemented throughout the organization. From a business card to a new website and from letterhead to a whole new interior.