Intellectual property

Intellectual property has been the domain of AOMB Intellectual Property for more than 50 years. Extensive knowledge of patents, trademarks, designs, licenses and copyrights are the services with which it optimally protects the intellectual property of its clients.

What makes AOMB unique is its way of working. She does not think from products, but from the needs of the market. AOMB wants to continue to occupy a distinctive position in the IP market. Time for a complete makeover.

AOMB wants to stand out.
Time for a complete makeover!

From identity
to creation

Central to this was the development of a strong proposition and a distinctive brand that fits AOMB's exemplary role as a defender of all that is unique. Using the three pillars of DeltaZuid from identity to creation and activation.

From there, the brand promise and payoff 'Stay Unique' emerged. Both a promise to the customer and an appeal to the own employees. Stay Unique was also the starting point for the development of a new logo. The logo symbolizes the personal involvement of employees with each client and each assignment. Nothing expresses this more powerfully than a unique logo in signature form.

The underlying idea: Dare to be distinctive, unique and stubborn. Not only in message and method, but also in appearance and recognition. Sign your work, show that it is and remains yours. Create a right to exist and durability. Stay Unique.

Art direction


All of AOMB's employees were captured on film. Here too, 'unique' is the core idea. The photos each show their uniqueness because the person is portrayed in a natural and unforced way.

With a subtle variation in color, light, pose and environment, but always with the person at the center. This gives AOMB a unique and accessible character.


The corporate identity of AOMB has been implemented throughout the organization. In all resources. Such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures and banners. We also created a completely new website for AOMB.

The new visual identity and the accompanying guidelines have been laid down in the Brandbook. This allows AOMB to consistently implement and monitor the style in all its communications.

Video AOMB

How do you include everyone in the process?

Together with the marketing team, we went through the process. Decision moments with 12 partners. Sneak previews in between for employees. Everyone in the picture and a personal and unique story.

The internal launch
of the style

The internal launch of the style was also tackled on a grand scale. An event at Strijp S where the people of AOMB were taken through the process of this complete rebranding. The making-of movie was shown, which created understanding and pride in the new brand. Everyone received their personal business card and a tie or scarf in the unit color with the new logo. It was a resounding success that is still being talked about.