What impact do you make ...
And what impact do you want to make?
And is sustainability
anchored in your identity?
The Quickscan will help you
to get more insight.


‘Creating positive change’ starts in the heart of your organization. At the identity. By mapping out who you are and what impact you want to make as an organization. How do you look? How do you talk? How do you behave? Is sustainability anchored in the identity? Which impact do you make and which impact do you want to make? Important questions that you will gain insight into when the foundation of the organization is mapped with the Business Identity Canvas (BIC) in combination with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The formula for positive change.

With this insight you get people on the move, both inside and outside the organization and work together on your organization, your brand and the world goals. To get a foretaste of your approach, we have the free Quickscan ready for you!

The formula for positive change


The Business Identity Canvas (BIC) exists out of nine elements divided in three levels, i.e. the core drive, the ‘why’, business elements, such as the target group and objectives and brand elements, such as the brand personality and the internal and external values. With that, the BIC contains all elements that are necessary to properly map out your identity and helps you to be brand driven.

The SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a joint agenda for the world to guarantee a sustainable future for everyone. They offer a shared ‘to-do’-list of 17 interconnected world goals.

The SDGs form the basis of the SDG methodology developed by 360SDG. With this methodology we help organizations in realizing and implementing a sustainable business strategy, in line with the identity of the organization. Sustainability not only covers the environment, but also on social and financial sustainability. Precisely this combination provides a positive change to a meaningful entrepreneurship. 

Curious how you can become a meaningful brand? Do the free Quickscan!

To help organizations take the first steps towards a meaningful organization in an easily accessible way, we have developed a free Quick Scan that provides insight into a number of components of the BIC and the SDGs. The results of the Quickscan are summarized in a report that you will receive by e-mail. Do the scan and experience it for yourself!


It all starts with the identity
With the BIC you map out the identity of the organization. By combining the BIC with the SDGs you anchor sustainability in the core of your organization. Starting with the identity is starting at the right level to actually realize change to meaningful entrepreneurship as an organization.

From identity to a sustainability strategy
Mapping out your sustainable identity alone is of course not enough. In order to actually realize positive change, it is important to make the translation into a sustainability strategy. With the SDG methodology developed by 360SDG we help your organization to formulate, implement and realize a sustainability strategy.

A distinctive and meaningful proposition
Our methodology combines a strategic positioning with meaningful entrepreneurship. This helps you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to make sure you attract the right customers, employees and collaboration partners. Target groups that increasingly value to what you stand for as an organization and want to see that reflected in your brand.

Our free Quickscan is deduced from our extended ID-Scan and gives insight in two of the nine elements from the BIC which are interwoven with the SDGs. The scan has been specially developed for organizations that want to get a quick picture of where they stand as an organization. Would you like to take follow-up steps after the Quickscan? Based on our extensive ID-Scan, we are happy to help you fully map out the sustainable identity of your organization.

& 360SDG
DeltaZuid puts in the power of branding to realize the growth of meaningful MKB-enterprises. 360SDG helps organizations to become more sustainable by defining the sustainability strategy and implementing it together with the organization.

DeltaZuid & 360SDG. Two organizations with the same goal: to help the business community to make the world a little more beautiful.